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*22nd july

i wake up and u just

disappear in my dream...

the longingness for u...

have left me all so fragile

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Saturday, February 21, 2004

yesterday me rebekah and da nai stayed back in school
we were very bored so we decided to make a trip to the basketball court
i was looking for my crushie when i suddenly realised that X was there!
i was like so anxious that i pulled rebekah along with me to the canteen and left da nai there
bloody shit man
rebekah said that i blushed like hell
oMg..hope that it isnt obvious..=(

today went school
saw that fat ass cumar
she asked me why i keep hiding away from her
i was like DOTX..
what the fuck are you talking about?
since when i hide away from you and why would i do that?

i cried for you @ 6:32 AM

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

today was a very tiring day
for art, almost the whole class wrote lines because of incompleted homework
and i'm one of them
after that went tampines mall walk walk..
den came home..
tomorrow got maths test..
hope i wont fail it this time...
gtg nowx..byes

i cried for you @ 2:44 AM

Monday, February 16, 2004

today damn sian can..
later still got piano lesson...
i hate it..
anyways dont have anything to blog liao..

i cried for you @ 12:34 AM

Saturday, February 14, 2004

today din go for np..
im still waiting for the transfer reply from mr tang and mrs ong
i hope i can get in
anyways today went heartland with beatx and rebekah
had a fun time there
happy v'day to everyone!

i cried for you @ 6:18 AM

Thursday, February 12, 2004

ahhh...i miss yuko so much..
cant wait for her to come back
i got lots of things to tell her man
sighs..i finally managed to forget her
it took me such a long time can..
today just told da nai about it...
she wasnt really shocked lah...
i hater that bitch from my class
i really hate her
cant she just stop all her nonsense?!
whatever man...

i cried for you @ 2:17 AM

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

i lost my blogger password and now gotta create this one
i am so pissed with myself
i am so stressed
i am feeling sick
can some one talk to me?

Je Ja Ni
irritating! why must they irritate me so much?
One act ke lian, another one act brave, the other one threaten me
when will this ever end?

i cried for you @ 1:55 AM